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Butt Augmentation

Butt Augmentation

Fat used in the procedure was harvested from the patient’s abdomen, hips and thighs via liposuction.

Another adjunct to body contouring is referred to as the Brazilian butt lift, or buttock augmentation. Many women feel they have fullness above the hips and in lower back, but flatness and sometimes even “deflation” in the buttocks. This phenomenon is often exacerbated by pregnancy and weight loss. A Brazilian butt lift is a very effective way to add volume back to the buttocks to create a more full and youthful appearance. This is done using “fat injections” obtained from liposuction aspirate. The fat is purified and then carefully reinjected into the buttocks using special cannulas. This can be done at the same time as liposuction without significantly increasing recovery time for most individuals. The final outcome of a Brazilian butt lift can be a more prominent, shapelier backside with beautiful, natural-looking results.

To learn more about butt augmentation, we invite you to continue reading the content provided on this page. If you would like additional information, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation with our Houston plastic surgeon—Dr. James F. Boynton—please feel free to contact our practice online or by telephone today.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift

Depending on your specific needs and goals, a Brazilian butt lift performed by Dr. Boynton can be customized to help:

  • Enhance the volume, firmness, and shape of the buttocks
  • Improve symmetry between the buttocks
  • Correct mild to moderate skin sagging in the buttocks
  • Achieve a more well-proportioned figure

In addition to these enhancements to one’s backside, another benefit of a Brazilian butt lift is the slimmer, more toned contour that can often be created in the area(s) of the body from which excess fat is removed via liposuction. Some of the most common regions that fat is harvested from include the abdomen, back, hips, and/or thighs.

Butt Augmentation

Gluteal frame lipocontouring and shaping without actual fat injected into the buttock.

Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift can be an excellent alternative to butt augmentation with implants for many individuals seeking to improve the appearance of their backside. Good candidates for this body enhancement procedure generally include patients who:

  • Are bothered by the contour and/or size of their buttocks
  • Are hoping to resolve mild to moderate skin sagging
  • Have a sufficient amount of fatty tissue available for transfer
  • Are healthy and have no uncontrolled medical issues
  • Have a clear understanding of what can realistically be achieved

For patients who do not have an area of the body that hosts enough excess fat for transfer, Dr. Boynton can usually extract small quantities of fatty tissue from multiple regions until the desired amount is obtained.

Details of the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Brazilian Butt Lift (Butt Augmentation with Fat Transfer)

To perform the Brazilian butt lift procedure, Dr. Boynton will first utilize liposuction to strategically remove fat cells from the predetermined donor area(s), such as the abdomen, back, hips, and/or thighs. Once extracted, the harvested tissue will be filtered, purified, and meticulously reinjected into the buttocks using a specialized cannula. Approximately 30–40% of transferred fat cells will be reabsorbed by the body, so Dr. Boynton typically injects extra fat into the buttocks to account for this process. The fat tissue that does not get absorbed will take root and connect to a blood supply in the new location, becoming a permanent addition to the buttocks.

Gluteal Frame Reshaping

In some cases, Dr. Boynton employs a unique butt augmentation approach that he refers to as “gluteal frame reshaping.” This technique involves advanced lipocontouring and liposculpting around the buttocks—i.e. along the hips and iliac crest, below the crease underneath the buttocks, and along the tailbone—ultimately creating a markedly improved buttock contour without the need for fat grafting. Gluteal frame reshaping is particularly useful in slender patients who do not have as much “donor fat” available for transfer.

Combining Fat Transfer with Gluteal Frame Reshaping

In Dr. Boynton’s experience, the majority of butt augmentation patients benefit most from a combination of fat grafting and gluteal frame reshaping. With this technique, liposuction is used for meticulous gluteal frame reshaping, and fat injections are administered into “deficient” areas of the buttocks to further enhance the overall aesthetic of the backside. By marrying the concepts of gluteal frame reshaping and fat grafting, Dr. Boynton has seen significantly improved butt augmentation results that look incredibly natural.

Regardless of the butt enhancement method utilized, Dr. Boynton’s approach centers around conservative judgement and principles that enable him to deliver optimal aesthetic changes without over-augmenting and/or compromising patient safety.

Recovery from Brazilian Butt Lift

Following a Brazilian butt lift, a compression garment will be placed to facilitate healing and help ensure an ideal outcome is achieved. There will likely be some bruising, swelling, and/or soreness in the buttocks and donor area(s), but these temporary side effects should resolve with time.

Dr. Boynton usually advises patients to avoid sitting directly and/or putting any direct pressure on their backside for a few weeks after the procedure. To help with this, special cushions or modified chairs can typically be utilized to reduce pressure in seated positions.

Most individuals are able to return to office jobs, school, and other normal daily routines after about seven days. That said, Dr. Boynton recommends patients refrain from all strenuous activities—including intense exercise, physical sports, heavy lifting, etc.—for at least four weeks to give the body ample time to fully heal.

Common Questions

  • Is this a painful procedure?

    The discomfort is mild. Patients are a little sore and tight on the buttocks for the first week. This gets rapidly better after the first week.

  • Is it better than buttock implants?

    Buttock implants have a high incidence of complications, including moving around, extruding, and becoming infected and having to be removed. Fat injections are a “natural” way to enhance the buttock with the patient’s own tissues.

  • How much of the fat stays and how much goes away?

    Typically, 60–70% of the fat remains and the rest goes away, though sometimes it can be a little more. The fat is purified and carefully placed close to the muscle, where it can be taken up by the blood vessels in the buttocks. Sometimes fat injections have to be done several times. In buttock enhancement, the limiting factor is really how much “donor” material a patient has.

  • Will I need the procedure again?

    It is possible, but rarely has a patient asked me to do the procedure again. Mostly, the buttock is “over corrected” initially, accounting for the amount that will go away so that the final result is noticeable and in line with the patient’s goals.

Schedule a Consultation for Buttock Augmentation

If you are considering buttock augmentation to enhance your appearance, please contact Dr. Boynton to schedule a consultation. He will be happy to answer your questions and help you decide if a Brazilian butt lift is the right procedure for your goals.