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Butt Augmentation

Another adjunct to body contouring is referred to as the Brazilian buttock lift or (buttock augmentation). Many women feel they have fullness above the hips and upper back, but flatness and sometimes even “deflation” in the buttocks. This phenomenon is exacerbated by pregnancy and weight loss. This is a very effective and safe way to add volume back to the buttock to create a more full and youthful buttock. This is done using “fat injections” which are obtained from the liposuction aspirate. The fat is purified in a special way and then carefully reinjected using special cannulas into the buttock. This can be done at the same time as liposuction and does not really increase recovery time too much.

Butt Augmentation

Fat used in the procedure was harvested from the patient’s abdomen, hips and thighs via liposuction.

Common Questions

  • Is this a painful procedure?

    The discomfort is mild. Patients are a little sore and tight on the buttocks for the first week. This gets rapidly better after the first week.

  • Is it better than buttock implants?

    Buttock implants have a high incidence of complications including moving around, extruding, and becoming infected and having to be removed. Fat injections is a “natural” way to enhance the buttock with the patient’s own tissues.

  • How much of the fat stays and how much goes away?

    Typically 60-65% of the fat remains, the rest goes away. Sometimes it can be a little more. The fat is purified and carefully placed close to the muscle where it can be taken up by the blood vessels in the buttock. Sometimes fat injections have to be done several times. In buttock enhancement, the limiting factor is really how much “donor” material a patient has.

  • Will I need the procedure again?

    It’s possible, but rarely has a patient asked me to redo it again. Mostly the buttock is “over corrected” initially accounting for the amount that will go away so the final result is noticeable and in line with the patients’ goals.

Schedule a Consultation for Buttock Augmentation

If you are considering buttock augmentation to enhance your appearance, please contact Dr. James F. Boynton to schedule a consultation. Dr. Boynton will be happy to answer your questions and help you decide if buttock augmentation is the right procedure for your goals.