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With the amount of time spent taking “selfies,” chatting on FaceTime, and looking down at smartphones in today’s culture, more attention than ever has been drawn to the aesthetic of the neck and jawline. Some of the most common concerns for both men and women include the appearance of a “double chin” and/or “tech neck”—a term used to describe the crease above the collarbone that forms from repeatedly bending the neck to look at a mobile device. Thankfully, neck liposuction is a relatively easy procedure that can provide a great improvement to the jawline and neck region, helping to achieve a more toned and youthful-looking contour.

Also referred to as submental lipoplasty or neck liposculpting, neck liposuction has been around for quite some time, though the treatment has evolved over the years. At Boynton Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. James F. Boynton, commonly performs this procedure in the comfort and safety of our office, helping patients to achieve excellent outcomes without having to visit a hospital operating room. Based on the unique needs and goals of the patient, Dr. Boynton’s approach generally involves several tiny incisions (2–3 mm) located close to the earlobe and underneath the chin. Through these incisions, a tumescent style of liposuction is conducted to carefully thin fat accumulation under the neckline using small, specialized cannulas. The entire neck liposculpting procedure typically takes about one hour to complete, and oral pain medication can be taken prior to treatment to help diminish—or even eliminate—any potential discomfort throughout the process.

Following neck liposuction, patients will be given a chin strap or head sleeve to wear for the first week of recovery. Some temporary bruising and swelling may occur, but most individuals look and feel well enough to return to non-strenuous work and/or activities after about two to three days. Postsurgical massages will generally begin at the two week mark in order to help decrease any residual swelling and facilitate the healing process. In most instances, approximately 85% of the neck liposculpting results can be seen after about three months, and final outcomes are typically apparent at six months.

For men and women who also need and/or desire volume enhancement in the pre-jowl sulcus (the “notch” along the jawline in front of the jowl), Dr. Boynton can often combine neck liposuction with RADIESSE® or JUVÉDERM VOLUMA. These innovative fillers can accentuate the improvements achieved through neck lipoplasty quite nicely, as enhancing the neck and jawline together often go hand in hand.

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“I have been extremely pleased with the level of care I have received from Dr.Boynton and his staff. Dr. Boynton was extremely thorough in answering all of my questions and making me feel at ease about my procedure. I would highly recommend Dr.Boynton as a personable, board-certified, and extremely talented plastic surgeon.”
- Patricia G.

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