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Board-certified Houston plastic surgeon James F. Boynton, MD explains how gynecomastia surgery can reduce signs of enlarged breast and glandular tissue in men.

Houston Plastic Surgeon Explains Gynecomastia Surgery

Dr. James F. Boynton discusses advanced surgical techniques for gynecomastia and how they can help men reduce excess tissue in the breasts. Houston, TX – Gynecomastia is a common condition that can affect men from the time of adolescence and well into adulthood. Characterized by excess tissue in the breasts that gives them an enlarged appearance, gynecomastia can lead to […]

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Dr. James F. Boynton, a plastic surgeon in Houston, shares the advantages of performing in-office power-assisted liposuction.

Houston Plastic Surgeon Explains In-Office Liposuction and Its Advantages

James F. Boynton, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon, shares the potential benefits of in-office liposuction (e.g. milder side effects & shorter recovery). Houston, TX – Cited as the most performed cosmetic surgical procedure in 20221, liposuction (lipo-contouring) continues to be a highly sought-after treatment to further define and sculpt the contours of the body. For many individuals who may be […]

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Houston plastic surgeon James F. Boynton, MD, FACS offers tips on how to choose the best plastic surgeon for cosmetic enhancement.

How to Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon: Houston Physician Has the Details

Dr. James Boynton offers tips on things to look for when searching for a qualified plastic surgeon capable of providing effective care and exemplary results. Houston, TX – The demand for plastic surgery and treatments designed to enhance aspects of one’s physical appearance remains strong among both women and men. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, surgical and […]

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Dr. James F. Boynton, a plastic surgeon in Houston, provides an overview of the benefits of breast surgery procedures.

Houston Plastic Surgeon Answers Breast Surgery FAQs

James F. Boynton, MD, FACS, a board-certified Houston plastic surgeon, discusses the benefits of breast surgeries, including augmentation, mastopexy, and more. Houston, TX – Breast surgery procedures continue to be among the most popular plastic surgeries performed in the United States. Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Insights and Trends Report revealed that two of the top five […]

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Dr. James F. Boynton explains how a less invasive, in-office facelift can help many patients improve signs of age and sagging skin in the mid- to lower face and the upper neck area.

A Real In-Office Facelift? Houston Plastic Surgeon Discusses Boynton Mini Facelift Technique and Its Evolution

Dr. James F. Boynton, a board-certified plastic surgeon, explains the benefits of using less invasive, in-office face/neck lift techniques that can help many patients avoid the need to undergo the treatment at a hospital under general anesthesia. Houston, TX – According to recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, facelift surgery remains in the top five most frequently […]

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Dr. James F. Boynton provides answers to two popular breast reduction questions.

Houston Plastic Surgeon Answers Two Common Breast Reduction Questions

James F. Boynton, MD responds to a pair of inquiries women commonly ask in regard to breast reduction surgery. Houston, TX — According to statistics recently released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), breast reduction was among the top ten most popular cosmetic surgical procedures performed in women last year. Dr. James F. Boynton, a board certified […]

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Plastic Surgeon in Houston on Benefits of Breast Massaging After Augmentation

Dr. James F. Boynton reveals the advantages of engaging in implant displacement exercises for certain types of breast implants. Houston, TX — Prior to breast augmentation, prospective patients should be fully informed about what to expect following their procedure, including any and all postoperative instructions recommended to help ensure an optimal outcome is achieved, states Houston plastic surgeon James F. […]

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board certified plastic surgeon in houston,face lift,short scar facelift

Houston Plastic Surgeon Discusses Key Advantages of His Short Scar Facelift

James F. Boynton, MD highlights the various benefits of his less invasive approach to facelift surgery. Houston, TX — Whether caused by genetics and/or a combination of various environmental factors, every individual will eventually begin to develop signs of aging on the face at some point in their life, states Dr. James F. Boynton, a board certified plastic surgeon in […]

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