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Dr. James F. Boynton—our board-certified plastic surgeon—devotes a large part of his practice to body contouring procedures that are designed to decrease unwanted areas of fullness in the abdomen, flanks or hips, thighs, back, arm, armpits, and even knees. This is done using tiny puncture incision that heal without noticing them. Dr. Boynton utilizes a tumescent lipoplasty or liposculpture technique that minimizes blood loss compared to older techniques. We have found it most successful to do these procedure under general anesthesia as a short outpatient procedure. Patients rarely complain of this approach. Many body areas can be simultaneously addressed with the convenience of one surgery and no discomfort during the procedure. Dr. Boynton also has advanced experience safely performing “large volume” liposuction (suctioning more than 5 liters of aspirate). Dr. Boynton utilizes state of the art compression garments and techniques in the recovery phase after the procedure to ensure the most optimal outcome for each patient.

For some selected patients, Dr. Boynton also has training in laser liposculpting that can be done in the office setting which in milder cases can be another good option.


Liposuction of the Abdomen
and Flanks.


Common Questions

  • How long until I see the results?

    60% at 3 weeks, 80% at 3 months, and final results are determined at 6 months typically.

  • How much pain, bruising, and swelling?

    Pain is mild to moderate. The procedure is outpatient and most patients take several days off of work but some may return after only one day off. Depending on the amount of liposuction, the number of areas involved will determine bruising and swelling. Male liposuction patients typically bruise and swell slightly more than women, but the recoveries are very similar. The incisions are left open to allow the fluid to “drain” in the first few days after surgery which facilitates recovery from swelling and bruising.

  • How long do I have to wear the garments?

    Special garments are typically worn for 3 weeks 24 hours a day and then at night only for the following 3 weeks. Some patients may choose to wear them longer.

  • Will I need massaging?

    We recommend post-lymphatic massages starting at two weeks. We have a team of highly trained lymphatic massage therapists that work with our patients after liposculpting. This is an important adjunct to the procedure, patients enjoy this, and it improves the overall results.

  • How long do the incisions drain?

    Typically for 2-3 days after the surgery.

  • Will I lose weight right away or at all?

    Liposculpting or liposuction is about shaping the body, not about weight loss. Most patients will notice the reduction in their clothing size. Weight is variable. Often right after the procedure patients will not see much if any changes in weight. Many patients build muscle as the resume their exercise regimens after surgery and may even gain weight (because muscle weighs more than fat). So I get my patients to concentrate on how they look, improvements in their clothing size, and how they feel, not on the scale.

  • When can I resume exercise?

    Two weeks after surgery.

  • What if I have to come back for another procedure, how soon can it be scheduled?

    A small percentage of patients will need a “touch up” liposuction for certain areas that may need further contouring depending on the area, amount of scar tissue, amount of fullness that was there to start with, etc. This can sometimes be done in the office, other times is best done as a quick outpatient surgery. Usually we wait until 6 months to determine if this will be needed. Some patients require multiple “sessions” of liposuction from the start (usually two). In these cases, we can usually space them 3 months apart.

  • If I get liposuction will the fat just go somewhere else?

    No. This is completely “urban legend.” This is a common misconception that many people believe but is just not true. There is no doubt that if patients return to poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles without exercise they may “regain” weight in all the same places that were liposuctioned. There is still fat and fat cells in the places that were liposuctioned, just less of them. The results seen shortly after liposculpting or lipoplasty are dramatic and very motivating. Many patients want to maintain them and it motivates many patients into healthy exercise regimens that never had one prior. Recent research has even shown some health benefits of “fat reduction” with liposuction.

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Please contact Dr. James F. Boynton to schedule a liposuction consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Boynton can answer all of your questions about the procedure and help you determine whether liposuction is the best option for your goals.