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Details of the Breast Augmentation-Mastopexy Procedure

Breast augmentation with a lift can be performed simultaneously or in two separate stages, depending on the patient’s unique needs and the size of the desired implants. In his studies, Dr. Boynton has found that many doctors place larger implants at the same time as performing a breast lift. The problem is, these two procedures can “fight each other”, which can often be the root of certain issues that may occur. To help prevent this, Dr. Boynton utilizes detailed measurements to determine what size implant can be placed safely and effectively at the same time as the lift.

To perform the procedure, Dr. Boynton generally employs a “mini” T style lift with the implant placed below the muscle, similar to his approach for breast augmentation. “Donut” or Binelli (periareolar mastopexy) techniques tend to have higher rates of complication and areolar expansion when conducted concurrently with augmentation, and he has found that the breast shape is often better when the mini T style lift is used in combination with small implants. Once the implants are positioned, Dr. Boynton is then able to fine-tune his carefully marked incisions and perform the lift. This involves the removal of excess skin as well as the lifting of breast tissues and nipple-areolar complex. The incision does go around the “perimeter” of the areola, which will allow for a more narrow and aesthetically well-shaped areola that is more “centered” over the breast mound, as well as more proportional in size.

“Dr. Boynton and his entire staff are wonderful! My experience has been top-notch from beginning to end. Dr. Boynton is the ultimate professional and expert; and, I could not be happier with my results. ”
- Gina P.

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