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The Aging Problem

As we age, the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin fibers—two foundational elements of youthful, smooth, elastic skin—begins to slow at a continual rate due to sun exposure, genetics, diet, stress, and various other lifestyle and environmental factors. In fact, collagen creation for the average person diminishes by approximately one percent each year after the age of 20, and skin thickness tends to decrease by about seven percent every 10 years.

The result of this ongoing decrease in collagen and elastin production is the gradual development of fine lines, wrinkles, skin volume loss, and eventual tissue laxity and skin sagging. While these signs of aging are most commonly associated with the face and neck, lax skin can also be seen throughout the entire body—particularly in the décolleté, arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and upper knees.

EXILIS Ultra 360 – Solution to the Aging Problem

As a universal skin tightening procedure, EXILIS Ultra 360 is often an excellent option for individuals in their 20s seeking to manage early skin changes, patients in their 70s and above interested in turning back the clock, and everyone in between. The technology’s groundbreaking combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency energy works to stimulate new collagen and elastin growth deep within the skin, resulting in shaping, tightening, and rejuvenation in virtually any region of the body. Some of the most commonly treated areas include:

InfographicInfographicIn addition to addressing skin laxity, EXILIS Ultra 360 can reduce extra subcutaneous fat in certain regions—such as the legs and abdomen—as well as improve the appearance of cellulite in the thighs. This is particularly beneficial in that the vast majority of individuals have a combination of two or more of these concerns in particular areas of the body, and treating them simultaneously can result in the best possible aesthetic outcome.

While the process of aging can never be fully stopped, EXILIS Ultra 360 can help significantly slow its progression while achieving a more youthful look through natural collagen and elastin production for men and women of all ages. During your initial consultation, a member of our experienced team will talk with you about your ultimate goals and help you determine whether EXILIS Ultra 360 is the best option for your needs. This innovative treatment may be an effective alternative to surgery—for instance, if you have skin laxity in the arms but want to avoid arm lift scarring—or it can be combined with facelift and neck lift surgeries, brachioplasty, abdominoplasty, liposuction, and various other procedures for more comprehensive and prolonged rejuvenation.

What Does the EXILIS Ultra 360 Procedure Involve?

All EXILIS Ultra 360 procedures are completely customized based on each individual patient’s unique needs. During treatment, a handheld wand will be gently guided over the target areas. The EXILIS Ultra 360 device will deliver a combination of radiofrequency waves and ultrasonic energy deep into the tissue, initiating a process designed to promote the growth of new collagen, reduce excess fat cells, and tighten the elastin in the area. While a heat sensation can be felt during the treatment, the device has a cooling component designed to minimize discomfort and enhance safety—uniquely allowing for the treatment of tissue all the way up to the superficial layer. Many patients have likened the treatment experience to hot stone massage therapy.

EXILIS Ultra 360 treatments can be performed right here at our practice, and are often relatively quick procedures, depending on the size and number of treatment areas. Many individuals are able to have the treatment over their lunch periods, and are back to normal daily routines immediately.

What Is Recovery from EXILIS Ultra 360 Like?

Since EXILIS Ultra 360 involves no invasive surgery of any kind, patients do not typically need recovery time after the procedure. A mild degree of irritation and redness may be present in the treatment areas; however, these effects should dissipate quickly following the procedure.

What Results Can I Expect from EXILIS Ultra 360?

Most individuals will need at least two to four EXILIS Ultra 360 sessions, spaced apart over a period of weeks, for optimal results. With that in mind, some patients may see noticeable improvement after a single EXILIS Ultra 360 treatment session. The effects of treatment should continue to improve for about three months following treatment as new collagen continues to replenish the skin. Many patients experience the positive aesthetic benefits of EXILIS Ultra 360 treatment for years after the initial treatment sessions.

Do you have questions about EXILIS Ultra 360treatment? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more details, or to schedule a consultation.

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