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James F. Boynton MD, FACS

I am proud of my strong educational background which is the foundation for my dedication to excellence, starting with my undergraduate education at Duke University and my medical school education at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Of my seven years of postdoctoral surgical training, the final two years were dedicated exclusively to Plastic Surgery training at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, which has a long-standing tradition of outstanding advanced training in aesthetic plastic surgery. I am board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and I am an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. I am also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

I continue to stay at the forefront of advanced techniques in plastic surgery by attending many local, regional, and national meetings devoted to aesthetic plastic surgery. In addition, I have traveled extensively and continue to work closely with many world-renowned experts in many areas of aesthetic plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation and enhancement, facial rejuvenation, and body contouring. I have been rigorously trained in plastic surgery, and I incorporate many of the latest techniques into my practice that focuses on aesthetic plastic surgery. My goals are to provide the safest, highest-quality plastic surgery to my patients in order to achieve beautiful and natural-looking results.
~ Dr. James F. Boynton

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Dr. Boynton’s Three-Tiered Approach and Practice Philosophy

      1. Arduous dedication to achieving the best possible results – This involves up-to-date knowledge, state-of-the-art techniques and innovations in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, and sound clinical surgical judgment and experience. Dr. Boynton has an eye for meticulous detail and is unwavering in his pursuit to achieve beautiful and natural-appearing results.
      2. Importance of Patient Safety – It is of paramount importance to choose a surgeon with good ethics, honesty, integrity, and surgical judgment, as well as one who is Board-Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Sometimes certain patients are not good candidates for elective surgical procedures, and as a true patient advocate, Dr. Boynton makes the patient’s health his most important priority. He makes every effort to optimize an individual’s health before pursuing any elective surgical procedure.
      3. Compassion for patient care – From surgical procedures like abdominoplasty to non-surgical treatments such as injectables, providing personalized patient care and attention to each and every individual is Dr. Boynton’s trademark. This starts at the initial consultation and lasts through each follow-up appointment after surgery.

Choosing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Choosing a plastic surgeon is not something that should be taken lightly. A number of factors should be considered, including training, education, results, safety, personality, and chemistry. But how do you make an informed decision based on a 30 minute consultation? The answer is: Do your research!

Before scheduling your consultation, you should already be abreast of the surgeon’s credentials. Most surgeons will post their credentials on their websites, but deciphering the different information may be difficult. Surgeons will often pad their résumés with numerous things, trying to hide the fact they do not possess the two most important qualifiers—board certification by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).

The first board, ABMS, is the umbrella organization that assists the 24 approved medical specialty boards—including the ABPS—with the development of standards, evaluations, and certification of their surgeons. ABMS is recognized as the “gold standard” in physician certification.

In a way, the ABPS is a sub-group of the ABMS. The most important credential your plastic surgeon MUST have is board certification by the ABPS. This alone will answer many of the questions stated above; training, education, proven results, and safety. Earning certification from ABPS assures the public that a surgeon has successfully completed an approved educational program and passed a very rigorous examination designed to assess the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to provide the highest quality of patient care in the specialty of plastic surgery.

Did You Know?

The best way of determining if you surgeon possesses the training, education, experience and safety skills is to see if he/she is listed as a board certified plastic surgeon by the ABPS.

To verify a surgeon’s board certification through ABMS and ABPS, follow the link, or call 1-866-ASK-ABMS (275-2267). To search for a physician online, you will need to make an account using your email and a newly created password.

Dr. Boynton wishes to provide this information because, as a member of both ABMS and ABPS, he is aware of the importance of educating the public. The aesthetic surgery market has been attractive to all sorts of doctors, including dermatologists and dentists. They may even claim “board-certified,” but it is vitally important you are aware of which board certification your plastic surgeon should have. For all those who have chosen Dr. Boynton as their plastic surgeon, he thanks you and hopes you feel secure knowing he is board-certified by ABMS and ABPS.

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