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What Is a “Baby Facelift”?

A “Baby Facelift” is a term that has recently been used to describe a “mini facelift.” Basically, a mini facelift is a less invasive form of a traditional facelift, allowing patients to address noticeable but less severe signs of age or other concerns in the lower area of the face (and often the neck). Mini facelift procedures can be particularly advantageous for many women and men in the 40s through 50s age range who would like to improve mild to moderate signs of jowling and inelastic skin to achieve a more defined jawline contour and firmer skin in the lower face and neck. The term “Baby Facelift” as opposed to “mini facelift” may have caught on due to the fact that it simply denotes a smaller procedure that typically requires minimal incisions and a less extensive recovery period when compared to a traditional (or full/classic) facelift. 

Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston, Dr. James Boynton, has spent years honing his techniques for facelift and mini facelift procedures to make these treatments less invasive and more convenient for our patients, while still providing results that look both natural and beautiful. Dr. Boynton’s mini facelift procedures can usually be performed right here at our office using local anesthesia and a sedative, without the need for general anesthesia. This can not only reduce some of the risks of surgery but also speed up the recovery process for many individuals. Additionally, since there are fewer and less lengthy incisions typically necessary for a mini facelift, residual scarring can be discreetly hidden behind the ears. 

During the initial consultation with Dr. Boynton, he will evaluate your skin and talk with you about your aesthetic concerns. If you are an ideal candidate for a mini facelift (a.k.a. “Baby Facelift”), Dr. Boynton can create a customized treatment plan designed to achieve your goals. 

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