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Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation

EM01568_CertifiedInjectorLogoOftentimes, looking at the backs of a person’s hands can be a sure-fire way to tell their age. Until recently, there has not been a good way to “rejuvenate” the hands. Women especially complain of the appearance of the backs of their hands. This can often start as early as a person’s mid-40s, particularly if they have increased sun exposure.

Over time, the skin becomes thinner and “crepe-like,” while the veins, tendons, and joints show more prominently through the thinner skin. The plumpness and smoothness of the backs of the hands goes away as the skin thins and the soft tissues under the skin atrophy. In addition to this volume loss, brown spots caused by aging and/or sun overexposure tend to manifest prominently on the back of the hands for many people. Although numerous hand creams make claims of restoring the much sought after youthful appearance, none have been successful at restoring volume to the hands or significantly reducing the appearance of brown spots.

Dr. James Boynton has experience in hand rejuvenation utilizing fat injections, RADIESSE® and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy. RADIESSE® injections to the hands are a state-of-the-art and exciting new technique for hand rejuvenation. Fat injections can also show improvement in hand vitality, but in many cases, it may take several treatments to achieve the final result. RADIESSE® is able to effectively deliver immediate results that re-plump and replenish the volume to the backs of the hands, thereby “hiding” the tendons, veins, and joints that were so visible before. It also keeps the skin feeling soft and smooth, and you cannot even tell anything was injected. RADIESSE® provides a scaffolding for cells to lay down new collagen and “grow” thicker. In addition, RADIESSE® is a volumizing filler that is long-lasting, and it typically lasts at least a year.

To diminish the appearance of brown spots on the hands, IPL therapy can often be an extremely effective option. This nonsurgical treatment uses various wavelengths of broadband light energy to penetrate dark pigmentation in the skin, effectively drawing it towards the surface and eventually out altogether through the body’s natural healing process. Since the targeted IPL energy works directly on the outermost skin layers, deeper tissues and surrounding structures are left unharmed. Ultimately, the rejuvenative effects of IPL therapy can create a more even tone and youthful aesthetic for the back of the hands. This is a very easy, quick office procedure that is routinely done with very little downtime, if any. It is common to do this several times, typically spaced a month or a few months apart. It has become quite popular for patients seeking facial rejuvenation to want hand rejuvenation, as well.

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