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Top Two Advantages of My Tummy Tuck Technique

Abdominoplasty (more commonly referred to as tummy tuck surgery) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed at my Houston plastic surgery practice. In fact, roughly 20-30% of the procedures I perform are tummy tuck surgeries. After theorizing why I believe this body contouring procedure is so popular among my patients, I singled out two major advantages that I feel significantly contribute to its demand.

Combination Therapy

The great majority of my tummy tuck surgeries involve a combination of procedures – something I have a lot of experience doing safely. While a tummy tuck procedure alone can yield excellent results, I feel a combination of procedures is often necessary to attain the ultimate goals each patient envisions prior to surgery.

For this reason, each tummy tuck I perform includes some component of liposuction, be it traditional liposuction or Liposonix®. This allows me to evenly shape the waistline a full 360 degrees around for the best possible results. In addition to liposuction, my tummy tucks are also frequently combined with breast augmentation and/or breast lift, breast reduction, and even fat injections to the buttocks (Brazilian buttock lift).

Furthermore, I have a lot of experience doing “combined” GYN cases where I perform a tummy tuck in partnership with an OB/GYN who is performing a hysterectomy or bladder suspension. I would say about 20% of the time I am repairing an umbilical or small abdominal hernia at the same time as the tummy tuck, as well.


The hottest new technique for tummy tuck surgery involves the use of a new, long-acting analgesic called EXPAREL®. This innovative pain control technique can be applied locally and has markedly improved post-surgical discomfort, ultimately enabling tummy tuck surgery to be a true “outpatient procedure” at my practice.

As one of the first plastic surgeons in Houston to use this technique, I believe EXPAREL® has truly become a game-changer for postoperative care. It works by slowly releasing pain medication to a targeted area over the course of about three days. This has allowed me to send patients home feeling comfortable on the actual day of their surgery. Additionally, EXPAREL® can substantially reduce or even eliminate the need for other pain control methods that often place undue stress on the body throughout recovery. In turn, this has helped expedite the recovery process for many of my patients and allowed them to return to normal activities much sooner.

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