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Liposuction for Men


As the years progress (especially when males get into their late 30s and 40s and their metabolism slows a bit), it is very common for men to start noticing an excess accumulation of fat in numerous regions of the body, including the chest, abdomen, and flanks. Oftentimes men go from being a bit “chesty” in their 20s to having what more closely resembles “breasts” (gynecomastia) in their 40s. Despite consuming a nutritiously balanced diet and exercising on a routine basis, these stubborn fat buildups often remain immune to change, even when other areas of the body respond well to toning and weight loss efforts. Fortunately, male liposuction can be an excellent option for many men seeking to remove diet- and exercise-resistant pockets of fat in an attempt to attain a more toned and/or athletic-looking physique.

One thing that makes liposuction for men different is that we have two types of “fat” in the abdominal area: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Of the two, subcutaneous fat – located below the skin but above the abdominal musculature – is the only type that can be shaped and altered with surgery. To do this, I employ a method of “finesse liposuction” to help the underlying “six pack” of muscles “show through” by careful and selective thinning of the overlying fatty tissue with a variety of specialized cannulas.

In contrast to subcutaneous fat, visceral fat is found “inside” the abdomen, below the muscle layer and surrounding the organs. This creates the “barrel abdomen” or “protuberant belly” we’ve all seen that’s hard as a rock and cannot be pinched at all. The only way to reduce visceral fat is with weight loss (though I have found that liposuction can indirectly improve visceral fat when males push forward with diet, exercise, and weight loss after being motivated by the results of their procedure).

The good news for men seeking fat reduction in the chest or love handles is that these areas never have visceral fat. As a result, they can always be improved with liposuction/body contouring, regardless of how much visceral fat one has.

Ultimately, liposuction is not a weight loss solution on its own, but it can definitely help men achieve their body contouring goals as well as motivate them to lead a balanced lifestyle so as to maintain their desired physique well into the future. If you are a male interested in fat reduction, I encourage you to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who has considerable experience and proven male liposuction results