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Mole Removal

Typically characterized by their pigmented, raised appearance on the skin (though some are non-pigmented and just elevated), moles located on prominently exposed areas of the body can often be an aesthetic concern for many people. In some instances, they may also display features symptomatic of skin cancer, such as an irregular or evolving size, shape, and/or color. While moles sometimes change in size and simply bother patients, other times dermatologists recommend individuals have them removed.

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of one or more moles on your face or body, or if you have been advised to have a mole excised and biopsied for medical purposes, you may benefit from a simple mole removal procedure offered by our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. James F. Boynton. Utilizing his unique approach, Dr. Boynton can often fully eradicate targeted moles from your skin in a way that yields excellent results and minimal scarring.

The Mole Removal Procedure

When removing moles, many physicians shave off the top of the mole and send the excised tissue to a pathology lab for analysis, if necessary. Though this effectively eradicates the outward appearance of the mole, the issue with this technique is that it generally leaves a depressed scar, similar to that left by chicken pox. Additionally, at least 30 percent of pigmented moles come back after this method.

In contrast, Dr. Boynton takes a plastic surgical approach to removing unwanted and/or concerning moles. During the mole removal procedure at our practice, he excises the mole completely throughout the entire dermis using incisions concealed within relaxed skin tension lines (natural skin creases). By doing so, Dr. Boynton is able to wholly eradicate the mole and produce an optimal scar with reduced visibility. Following the procedure, sutures may be required depending on the size of the mole, and tissue samples can be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Skin Lesions and Lipomas

In addition to removing moles, Dr. Boynton can also take out lipomas and various skin lesions by employing a similar technique with minimal incisions for excellent cosmetic results.

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