unique approach to brow lift in houston

My Unique Approach to Brow Lift

While the “BOTOX® brow lift” and endoscopic brow lift techniques can still be excellent options for the right patients, my new “go to” surgical approach to brow/forehead lifting is the lateral subcutaneous brow lift performed right here in the office. As opposed to traditional methods that involve an incision extending from ear to ear along the hairline, this innovative technique […]

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Brow lift options

Surgical and Non-Surgical Brow Lift Techniques

Over time, deep wrinkles, frown lines, creases, skin laxity, and various other signs of aging may begin to develop on the forehead and brow. Depending on their extent and severity, these aesthetic concerns can cause us to look tired, upset, or even older than we actually are or feel. Fortunately, there are several surgical and non-surgical brow lift options that […]

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What Are My Brow Lift Options?

The brow has always been considered one of the most challenging areas of the face for plastic surgeons to treat. As a result, there are many different surgical brow lift techniques that all try to address the brow/forehead in different ways, and these methods are constantly changing. Historically, the brow was rejuvenated with a “coronal incision” made way back in […]

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