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Benefits of Combination Plastic Surgery


Historically, only one procedure would typically be performed during a particular surgical session. However, as cosmetic surgery techniques and technologies have evolved over the years, so too has this surgical philosophy. As a specialist of performing multiple plastic surgery procedures at once – i.e. the mommy makeover – I strongly believe combination surgery is generally safer, more economical, and more convenient for the patient. Furthermore, it can also help patients achieve their ultimate goals in a much quicker time frame.

There have been many innovations – some older, some newer – that now enable cosmetic procedures to be performed quicker, safer, and with better protection against blood clots or other issues that may arise during surgery. As an added benefit, combination surgery allows patients to recover from one “single surgery” rather than having to endure multiple recovery periods from a series of separate surgeries. This can be particularly beneficial for patients who have an event or even a vacation they want to get ready for in a limited amount of time.

Ultimately, many factors are involved in determining what can be done “safely” in one surgery. I never compromise patient safety, so there are, in fact, some instances in which I will “stage” procedures. For example, performing thigh lifts and arm lifts in addition to tummy tucks and breast procedures often require additional surgeries that cannot be completed ALL at once. Additionally, for patients with larger frames who are significantly over their ideal weight, we can generally only do so many things in a single surgery before we’ll have to schedule a second or even third surgical session. This is very typical for patients who have lost a massive amount of weight (greater than 100 lbs).

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