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Recovery from Breast aug and Lift

Recovery from Augmentation-Mastopexy

The recovery process for an augmentation-mastopexy – also referred to as a breast lift with implants – will depend on whether the procedure was performed at one time or in two separate stages. Following a single-stage augmentation-mastopexy (in which the breast implants are placed at the same time as the lift), the majority of patients can expect some degree of […]

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Breast Lift without Implants

Can I Receive a Mastopexy Without Implants?

This is a question I hear rather frequently from patients interested in mastopexy, a procedure more commonly referred to as breast lift surgery. The simple response is yes, you can absolutely receive a mastopexy without breast implants. In fact, a breast lift is designed to remove excess skin, raise and/or reposition the nipple-areolar complex, and reshape native breast tissues in […]

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Implants with Breast Lift

Should I Receive Implants with My Breast Lift?

Are you considering mastopexy but don’t know whether or not you should receive implants in combination with your lift? You may benefit from a breast lift with implants – also known as an augmentation-mastopexy – if one or more of the following apply: You wish to increase the size of your breasts in addition to elevating their position on the […]

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