New Holiday Specials from Boynton Plastic Surgery
Ear with an earring

Excitement About Earlobe Enhancement

The earlobe is a very important aesthetic structure and “feature” of the face for women (and men, too). Most little girls look forward to getting their ears pierced and wearing earrings from an early age. My daughters begged me at age nine to pierce their ears. It is an important part of being feminine, and decorating the earlobes is a […]

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Earlobe Aesthetics and Aging

I have really gotten more excited about earlobes in the last few years, which is such an important aspect of facial beauty and aesthetics that oftentimes get overlooked. Earlobes change with age—like anything else, they can become droopy, they can “deflate,” and they can even develop folds and seem “collapsed.” Fortunately, earlobes can often be rejuvenated with volume. I think […]

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