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Recovery from Male Breast Reduction Surgery

male-chestIn my last blog post, I revealed my unique, less-invasive approach to male breast reduction. One of the many advantages of this innovative technique is the minimal downtime that typically ensues (or doesn’t, if you will). As a result of such small incisions being utilized, stitches are generally not needed, and the entire recovery process is often quick and relatively mild. In fact, I’ve had patients in the past who were able to return to work the day after their procedures, and the majority rarely miss more than two days of work at most.

To further enhance results after male breast reduction, I utilize advanced postoperative compression garments for all body contouring procedures, including treatment of gynecomastia and the male chest. In addition to a specialized weaving pattern that helps wick away moisture and provide consistent, appropriate levels of compression to the body areas that are being treated, sometimes we further “refine” or “accentuate” the compression by adding foam compression in conjunction with the garments in order to target the compression in particular areas. This targeted compression can further enhance the “shrinking” of the soft tissue envelope (i.e. the skin) during the recovery process. Additionally, I also utilize a very advance scar tissue / post-lymphatic massage specialist for aftercare massages designed to further improve recovery.

Mild bruising can be expected, as with most surgical procedures, but this should dissipate over time and does not typically inhibit the performance of everyday activities.

Dr. James F. Boynton, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

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