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Scar Management

Depending on their location, scars resulting from surgical procedures can drastically affect one’s self-confidence and esteem. Although scar tissue formation is typically unavoidable following a surgical incision, Dr. James F. Boynton is highly experienced in scar management and can significantly reduce the visibility of scarring while helping to improve its overall appearance.

As a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Boynton provides scar care for all skin types and was one of the first plastic surgeons in Houston to offer embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy—a breakthrough scar management technique designed to minimize the formation of scars after surgery. By applying this innovative silicone-based “tension-unloading” dressing as your incision heals, you can help keep scar tissue formation to a minimum and achieve the most beautiful results from your cosmetic or reconstructive procedure.

Scar Formation

The formation of scar tissue and the resulting scar is the body’s natural process for healing wounds. The severity of scarring following surgery will depend on a number of factors, including tension placed on the wound, each individual’s genetics, depth, length, and width of the incision, as well as your body’s natural response to any trauma induced by the incision.

During the healing process, your body will produce collagen fibers to repair damaged skin tissues. Despite extreme caution and care, some degree of tension at the site of the incision is present with any “wound closure” and can cause the body to overproduce collagen, often leading to a buildup of scar tissue over time. This buildup of excessive scar tissue typically results in a larger, more distinguishable scar if left unmanaged throughout the healing process.

Embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy

embrace_registered_Logo_rgb-copy-300x123Embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy consists of single-use Silicone-based adhesive dressings applied with a clinically-proven degree of tension “unloading.” Following your procedure, Dr. Boynton will close your incision and help you apply one of these adhesive dressings evenly over the area. Once placed, the dressing will contract to actively help protect, shield, and stabilize both the incision and the surrounding tissues. Tension from the dressing also helps to neutralize any stress caused by body movements.

Dr. Boynton offers embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy to help dramatically reduce scarring for a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, including:

For optimal results, dressings will need to be changed weekly over the course of about 8-12 weeks. Ultimately, wearing embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy dressings throughout your incision healing process can help you more effectively achieve your cosmetic goals by diminishing the potential visibility of residual scarring.


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bioCorneum®+ is an advanced silicone gel scar cream that is applied overtop incision lines to protect against bacteria and other detrimental elements as the incision heals. Application is simple, and the product quickly dries to form an invisible, water-resistant silicone sheet that remains flexible for freedom of movement. Along with guarding against infection, the bioCorneum®+ sheet has proved to help reduce irritation, itchiness, and various other side effects of scar healing. Furthermore, it contains SPF 30 to prevent discoloration caused by sun-exposure, and it has shown to help smooth, soften, and flatten the final appearance of incision lines for optimal results.

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